Aluminum fence post

The aluminum composite design aluminum fence post impresses with its flexibility and stability. A solid post not only has technical advantages, it also looks valuable and design-oriented in connection with our filling profiles made of modern composite materials. Our post solutions are the perfect addition to your dream fence.

The wider variant is available in the dimensions 9 x 9 cm and the standard lengths 150, 200, 240 cm and can therefore be concreted in directly or installed with a smart floor connection solution.

Privacy screen fence filling BPC MPC no WPC

The 3 groove profiles give you the flexibility to install a start/end post, a middle post or a corner post with just one post system. This allows you to easily implement changes even during assembly.

With its 2 mm wall thickness, the post is one of the most stable and flexible post solutions on the market.

Zaunpfosten 90 x 90 mm

Simply plan your personal project with our ALU + BPC configurator

Zaunpfosten 60 x 60 mm

The 6 x 6 cm post system with start, end, middle and corner posts impresses with its slim appearance. The wall thickness of 3 mm provides additional stability. It is available in standard lengths of 150, 200 and 240 cm and can therefore be concreted in directly or mounted with a smart floor connection solution.
The 6 x 6 cm post is unbeatable in terms of value for money!

Connection profile

The connection strip offers the optimal special solution for connections to a house wall or gabion. The lock in the middle of the connection strip helps when installing the profile elements and the groove has the same function as in the post.