Premium fences with BPC / MPC filling

Alu-Composite-Design is a brand of VALU GmbH and stands for the development of modern premium fences with BPC, as well as MPC fence and layer protection fillings, which also carry the environmental concept with them in a very contemporary way. With our BPC and MPC infill profiles, we offer two different types of materials to bring environmentally friendly modern design and, if required, restful peace and quiet (privacy screen) into your garden.

Popular in appearance and quality – our rhombus profiles!

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The new BPC rhombus filling has a distinctive diamond-shaped profilegiving your privacy screen a modern and unique look.
Fast delivery times, usually within a week.You already know the quality from our proven EVOLVER profiles

1 Set = 7x Rhombusprofil ≙ Feld 180×180 cm, Profilhöhe 24,7 cm

Colors available:
Platinum Grise, Tiger Cove, Maple, Ginger andNew– Cape Town Grey.

BPC Rhombus privacy screen filling WPC
Offer Rhombus BPC filling WPC

It's not just the rhombus look of the high-quality profiles that impresses,
You also have combination options!

By the way, we offer self-collecting end customers:
An additional attractive discount of 10% ex works!

The aluminum composite design premium fences with BPC filling are made from a combination of bamboo from sustainable forestry and a polyethylene plastic. 30% recycled plastic is used here. In addition to these environmentally friendly fence profiles, there are our durable, high-quality aluminum posts, which set the scene for the composite material.

Environmental thought

For us, acting responsibly towards the environment means using contemporary alternatives in our premium fences with BPC filling.

Bamboo is the fastest growing, natural raw material. Harvesting bamboo stems within a sustainable cycle leaves no soil damage.

Bamboo also has impressive physical properties such as low shrinkage and swelling, easy processing, high elasticity and extreme hardness

Durable products first have to be replaced in the long term, which leads to less resource consumption and less environmental pollution.

Our products set industry standards for durability. The high-quality, environmentally friendly premium fences with BPC filling from ALU-COMPOSITE-Design do not require any harmful chemicals or post-treatment.

Resource conservation

By using bamboo fibers and recycled plastic, we protect natural habitats and save our planet from unnecessary plastic waste and excessive emissions.

Our product philosophy contributes to a sustainable way of life.

BPC fence panels

The premium fence profiles are co-extruded and consist of a BPC core; (Bamboo Polymer Composite) a combination of sustainable bamboo and a two-layer high-quality high-density polyethylene plastic layer.

In co-extrusion, two materials are combined in one work step
connected, so that further processing (sheathing) becomes superfluous.

Premium fences with BPC filling – variants

3 different color variants give your privacy screen a natural, modern aesthetic. The co-extruded layer provides additional protection against stains, abrasions and wear and tear.

Compared to WPC fillings, our BPC fillings offer additional thermal advantages in strong sunlight.

In addition to the co-extruded BPC fillings, there are also brushed ones.

These are less expensive and also have an attractive design.
However, their nature makes them more susceptible to the effects of the weather
and therefore less dimensionally stable than the co-extruded ones.

MPC fence panels

MPC fence profiles consist of an MPC core; (Mineral Powder Composite) a combination of mineral dust and a high-quality and durable plastic.

3 different decors give your privacy screen a natural, wood-like appearance with their structured look and feel.

This material also offers the advantage of extreme longevity. Thanks to the technically complex production of our filling profiles, your privacy screen or garden fence is reliably protected against moisture, as well as stains and abrasion, as well as signs of wear and tear.

Simply plan your personal project with our ALU + BPC configurator

Fence post

The aluminum composite design functional post impresses with its flexibility but also with its stability. It can be used individually as a starting, middle or corner post. This means you can even make changes during assembly.

90 x 90 mm
60 x 60 mm
Connection profile
Aluminum fence post

Fence door

The aluminum composite design gate solution offers a stable and durable construction that impresses with its externally slim and simple frame profile.

1760 x 990 mm
Fence doors with MPC/BPC filling WPC


With the aluminum composite design fence panels, a wide variety of design materials such as glass strips and stainless steel or aluminum sheets can be installed flexibly according to your wishes. So we offer you a lot of options to implement your individual garden fence or privacy screen.

Glass field
Premium fences with BPC combinations

Certified cultivation for our environment

The bamboo content in our products comes entirely from certified cultivation. Under constant control, all guidelines that lead to natural clearing and reforestation of the farm areas are adhered to.
In this way, we are making our contribution to a more environmentally friendly and resource-saving production of sustainable products.
Bambus Composite
Premium fences with BPC infill bamboo

Privacy protection recommendation

Are you also interested in high-quality aluminum fences and privacy screens made from aluminum?
Then we recommend our umbrella brand VALU , as well as the DIY brand Alu-Klick-Systeme for do-it-yourselfers.


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